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Android Based Lephone From Lenovo Is Candy For The Eyes

by Cory Vincenzi

Take a look at the Lenovo Lephone. Gorgeous. With the seemingly endless supply of Android OS based phone releases lately, it takes something special to catch the eye. The Lephone does that pretty well. The phone has a nice curvature to its features and the keyboard attachment is very attractive. Of course pretty marketing shots [...]

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Nexus Vs Droid And iPhone – Will The Google Phone Kill All Other Smart Phones?

by Harvey Alexander

The Nexus One Google Phone is apparently amazing. We have been following it for awhile and have came across an article from The Unofficial Google Blog about the Nexus One being a Droid killer or possible an iPhone killer. There have been many skirmishes in the smartphone war for quite awhile with no one really [...]

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Nexus One Google Phone Release Date Leaked – January 5th?

by Laura Jackson

Want the Nexus One Google Phone? January 5th may be the day to focus on. There is some news floating around right now. The Unofficial Google Blog, or, has some information about the release date, and some specs of the Google Phone. We cannot wait to get our hands on this lovely piece of [...]

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