Bada OS SmartPhones – Samsung And Sony Ericsson Look To Make A Profit

by Aaron Black on February 14, 2010 · 0 comments

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Samsung Electronics and Sony Ericsson unveiled a few smart phone models on Sunday. They are in their new top models and they want to see an improvement in a position in the phone market.

Samsung is currently the world’s number two handset maker. Their new smart phone, named way you, uses a touchscreen technology and is using an operating system called bada. Samsung had been publicizing its efforts to create and ship a smart phone 2010 with its own bada software platform. The problem is the operating system is very new and not widely used making it difficult to attract developers or users.

Samsung and Sony Ericsson have been looking for a way to put their foot in the door of the smart phone market. They have seen consumers turning away from them and go on with their smart phone producing competitors Apple, Nokia, and research in motion.

Sony Ericsson, the fourth largest phone maker in the world, has reported seven straight quarterly losses. Recently they’ve unveiled a free smartphone models using the Google android Operating System and Nokia’s Symbian.

The biggest names in the smart phone industry are of course Apple’s iPhone and Blackberry. Recently Google has released its nexus one running the android operating system and their sales have been fairly steady since the release. It is incredibly difficult to create a new product with a little-known operating system and expect big sales. By, with everything user experience is the key. The fountains and the operating system can be successful as long hands they have functionality, innovation, and style. Because no one wants an ugly phone.

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