Amazing RCX-4 Helicopter Is The Rebel Alliances’ Secret Weapon

by Aaron Black on January 10, 2010 · 0 comments

in Tech News

I'm gonna glue an R2D2 to it.

The X-Wing Fighter in Star Wars is iconic. Seeing one draws up images of the famous trench run or Yoda flexing his Force badass-ness on Degobah. So the RCX 4 helicopter is equally amazing. The company Digitronics says it will be easy to fly thanks to an installed gyro and very simple controls.

Gizmodo seems to think they will be sued by Lucas Arts for copy right infringement, and subsequently shut down. That may be a possibility, but with the Star Wars Prequel travesties, one would hope they would want as much awe inspiring, and iconic, merchandise out there as possible, regardless of profit. Who cares, I want one!

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