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December 2009

PS4 Specs – Playstation 4 Starting To Come Together

by Elliot Strobel

The PS4 specs are starting to come into focus according to The Business Insider. Sony (SNE) is developing a multi-core CPU for a next generation gaming console, the Playstation 4. The company has been making a few decisions, one is modifying a version of the Cell architecture which you already see in the PS3. This would [...]

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Nexus Vs Droid And iPhone – Will The Google Phone Kill All Other Smart Phones?

by Harvey Alexander

The Nexus One Google Phone is apparently amazing. We have been following it for awhile and have came across an article from The Unofficial Google Blog about the Nexus One being a Droid killer or possible an iPhone killer. There have been many skirmishes in the smartphone war for quite awhile with no one really [...]

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Apple iSlate Mac Tablet Revealed January 2010 – Will It or Won’t It?

by Jef Groh

Will the Apple iSlate Mac Tablet Be revealed In January 2010? Most people seem to think so. We recently did a story about Apple stock (AAPL) getting a huge boost over the rumor of the iSlate ( the possible name of the Mac Tablet) being shown in January. What does this mean? Great things if [...]

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